100 Days My My Prince Korean Drama Review

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Surviving from an assassination attempt, the rude Crown Prince Lee Yul (Do Kyung Soo) lost his memory. When people in the village believe him as a commoner named Won Deuk, he is forced to marry the oldest spinster, Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun). Ironically, it happens due to the Crown Prince’s command to make every single person in Joseon married in hope to end the drought. For 100 days, Won Deuk and Hong Shim live as husband and wife without knowing their real background and their ill-fated relationship.

Main Casts:

  • Do Kyung Soo (EXO’s D.O) as Lee Yul/Na Won Deuk, a smart Crown Prince who is cold even toward the Crown Princess due to his lost of first love, Yi Seo. After losing his memory, he lives as a good-for-nothing commoner under the name of Won Deuk.
  • Nam Ji Hyun as Yeon Hong Shim/Yoon Yi Seo. Losing all her family in a night, Yi Seo lives as a strong and witty Hong Shim who stays unmarried until the age of 28.
  • Kim Seon Ho as Jung Jae Yoon. A royal worker who successfully grabs Lee Yul’s attention for his ability despite his inability to recognize face. He openly shows his interest in Hong Shim.
  • Han So Hee as Kim So Hye. The Crown Princess and daughter of Lee Yul archenemy, Kim Cha Eon who actually in love with Moo Yeon.
  • Kim Jae Young as Moo Yeon/Yoon Seok Ha. Yi Seo’s older brother who becomes Kim Cha Eon’s assassin in order to survive while sharing mutual feelings with So Hye.


As one of the most anticipated (sageuk) drama in 2018, it was actually worrisome to have Do Kyung Soo as the main lead as the drama would be both his first sageuk project and main lead in a regular drama, especially with the heavy judgement towards idol-actors. Not to mention that many will absolutely compares his performance and appearance with previous “crown prince” such as Park Bo Gum and Kim Soo Hyun who are widely loved by the audiences. But thankfully once again Do Kyung Soo proves his talent in acting by successfully portrayed such a deep thought, cold, arrogant yet clumsy and at the same time funny Crown Prince. Those who doesn’t know EXO yet (if there is any), might mistake him as an actor instead of idol in the first place.

As for Nam Ji Hyun, she did a great job as per usual by being strong yet noble from time to time. We just love how smooth does she switch from speaking in formal tone and dialect. The other actors/actresses also performed good works and team works as they somehow look comfortable with each other hence the drama was easy to enjoy.

For a sageuk drama, this “fusion” sageuk is considerably light in term of the story but manages to offer many sides. It talks about romance (of course), moral, parent-child relationship, friendship and politic with the right amount of humor and plot twists. We also love the cinematography as it is beautiful and high quality enough to even used for the big screen. Maybe one of the best part of the drama is that we could see things from every character’s point of view. And it’s very nice to see the possibility of royal family’s relation without too much politics in every turn.

This drama is very suitable for those who love sageuk drama, especially the lighter ones like Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds.

Rating: 9/10 (it is enjoyable from the beginning to the very end)