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Named as one of the top idol-actors in Korea, EXO’s D.O (Do Kyung Soo) has been proofing his acting skills through many movies and dramas. Many believe that he is far more than just a handsome face with great voice and dancing skill. Here are some of his works that would make you love him, even if you are not an EXO-L.

  1. A troubled youngster in “It’s Okay, That’s Love”

Please note that this is one of Do Kyung Soo’s early work as an actor, yet he has to portrayed the counterpart of the respected senior, Jo In Sung. If working with such a great actor is not enough of a burden, his character in the drama was quite tricky. Han Kang Woo (Do Kyung Soo) is a high school student who loves Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung)’s work to the point that he continuously follow Jae Yeol around. Despite being bothered at the beginning, Jae Yeol later shows more interest in Kang Woo who apparently received abuse from his alcoholic father. As the drama flows, Jae Yeol becomes more and more intrigued by Kang Woo who seems to be more than just a fan of Jae Yeol. Audience can expect good expressions of Do Kyung Soo as Kang Woo received many abuse while trying to keep everything to himself and toughen up. And not to mention his bromance with Jo In Sung that happens to be continued in real life too!

He could passed as an actor instead of idol

2. A psychopath murderer in “Hello Monster”

Here is the thing, portraying a murderer is hard enough especially if you are a young actor (it’s hard for adult to be scared of younger people, right?). Portraying a murderer with psychopath tendency is surely take one’s acting skill on a higher level.

In the drama, Lee Joon Young (Choi Won Young/Do Kyung Soo) is a neglected child who has murderous thoughts and not even having any guilty sense over his wrongdoings as results of his difficult childhood. He then becomes a cold murderer with many plots whether to escape prison or do whatever to justify his action. Do Kyung Soo as a younger version of Lee Joon Young has to show coldness, twisted mind yet seems to be gentle and innocent at the same time without many gestures to which he done successfully. Many people swore to have a chill over his glance, smile or words here.

Those eyes!

3. A sweet first love in “Unforgettable”/”Pure Love”

Although in this movie Do Kyung Soo still portrayed a quiet character, but there are several scenes where he becomes more lively. Beom Shil (Do Kyung Soo) silently in love with Soo Ok (Kim So Hyun), one of his childhood gang member. After they all grown up and live seperately, Beom Shil becomes a radio DJ. One day, he received a letter from Soo Ok on his session which brought him and the gang members who are listening to relive their last summer together. Head over heels to the physically disabled Soo Ok, Beom Shil used to do whatever it takes to grant Soo Ok’s wishes. That includes pretending know nothing about popular movies, buy her A-HA’s cassette, waiting outside of Soo Ok’s house until she goes to sleep, carrying her around on his back, begging the gang members to steal a boat to take Soo Ok to an island, receiving punishments for Soo Ok, creating Soo Ok’s very own studio for her to be a radio DJ, running together with the gang to ensure Soo Ok entered a singing competition, and many more. He even later becomes a radio DJ in place of Soo Ok.

Here, we can expect a different side of Do Kyung Soo as he tend to show sweet gaze and playful traits.

the infamous umbrella kiss

4. A disabled former national athlete in “My Annoying Brother”

This Korean box office movie tells the story of a swindler named Doo Shik (Jo Jung Suk) who takes the advantage of his younger brother, Doo Young (Do Kyung Soo)’s accident where he lost his sight during an international judo tournament to get paroled from prison. Have been living separated for years, Doo Young feels uncomfortable and bitter toward Doo Shik especially now that he cannot see and have no choice but to rely on Doo Shik. Although originally wants to take more advantages, Doo Shik slowly grows fond of Doo Young and tries his best to help the younger brother gets back up again. Unfortunately, just when the two starts to have a good relationship, Doo Young soon learns more about his brother’s terminal cancer.

Perhaps due to his real astigmatism (or simply thanks to his good acting skill), Do Kyung Soo did a great job portraying Doo Young who lost his sight over night. We can see his desperation, his sadness and the thought of being useless all the sudden. Not to mention, his famous scene near the end of the movie where he shouted “hyung” (brother) desperately, definitely break our hearts.

no trace of psychotic whatsoever, just a solemn young guy

5. A highly Crown Prince in “100 Days My Prince”

Many actors claim that it is indeed harder to shoot a historical (sageuk) drama than a modern one, from the burdensome fashions to the ever so formal speech. But people seem to be taken a back to see Do Kyung Soo’s performance as a crown prince in “100 Days My Prince” as it was actually both his first sageuk project and lead role in a drama. Yet he managed to captivate lots of viewers with his acting skills (please also take a note that they shot in an extremely hot summer this year).

Moreover, in this drama Do Kyung Soo practically has to portrayed two similar yet so different characters: the highly Crown Prince Lee Yul and the good for nothing commoner Won Deuk. Despite Lee Yul and Won Deuk is actually one person and both has similar traits (way of walk, way of talk and personal preferences), Do Kyung Soo successfully makes the viewers to see different charms of Lee Yul and Won Deuk as if they are two different persons. Plus his way of treating Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun) is everything we ever dream for a prince to do. See the complete review of this drama here: 100 Days My My Prince Korean Drama Review

From the capable Crown Prince…
 the charismatic Crown Prince…
To the “good for nothing” common peasant

Which of Do Kyung Soo’s movie/drama have you watch? Do you like his acting?

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