I Am Not a Robot Korean Drama Review

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Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho) is a chaebol who lives in solitude for 15 years due to his human allergy. When one of his company’s RnD team (Santa Maria Team) introduces an AI Robot named AG3 (AJi 3) that looks just like human, Kim Min Kyu interested to have it by his side. Issue sparks when one of the scientist accidentally broke the robot AJi 3 right before they sent it to Kim Min Kyu. Desperately needing Kim Min Kyu’s investment for their research program, Santa Maria Team decided to ask AJi 3’s face model, Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin) to stand in on AJi 3’s behalf in return of paying her debt off. But to Jo Ji Ah’s surprise, she has her life paths crossed with Kim Min Kyu for many times now and mostly not in good terms. Will Kim Min Kyu find out that Ji Ah is not a robot? How good is Jo Ji Ah at pretending to be a robot? Which is the one that Kim Min Kyu really need, AJi 3 or Jo Ji Ah?

Main Casts:

  • Yoo Seung Ho as Kim Min Kyu, a chaebol who got a rare human allergy after series of events happened 15 years ago then lives as a loner who cannot and doesn’t know how to deal with humans.
  • Chae Soo Bin as AG 3(AJi 3) / Jo Ji Ah, an aspiring inventor who toughen herself up after her inventions failure and all the tension she gets from her big brother.
  • Um Ki Joon as Hong Baek Kyun, a genius professor who cannot move on from his break up with Jo Ji Ah resulting him to secretly use Ji Ah as a model for his team’s robot.


To Love:

  1. Yoo Seung Ho’s acting skill is never disappointing. From his realistic painful expression, his cold shoulders toward people, his “i-am-good-but-actually-lonely-and-far-from-fine” expressions to his anger.
  2. Chae Soo Bin’s ability to show different charm as Jo Ji Ah, AG 3, and even as “the fake AG 3”. While Jo Ji Ah is all about careless and immature, AG 3 is what you can expect from a high tech robot (we can sense the stiffness under AG 3’s ease movements and words), “fake AG 3” on the other hand the combination of the two. We love the fake AG 3.
  3. Santa Maria team can be clingy, not only to Kim Min Kyu but also in the audience’s hearts. Despite being only supporting roles, but as the episodes go on, we find it hard to say goodbye to them. We just love their cold-love method towards people.
  4. Kang Ki Young’s serious role. Kang Ki Young is famous for starring as supporting roles in popular dramas and in most of them, he becomes the funny guy. This is one of those rare opportunities that we get to see him in a more serious tone and he proofs himself to suit this kind of role too!
  5. Kim Min Kyu and “fake” AG 3’s interactions along with all those cute banters.
  6. Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji Ah’s big brother cute interactions.
  7. Heart fluttering and sincere-looking romance scenes among (almost) all the love lines.
  8. And of course the drama offers a unique story line as it brings up human-robot (although mostly human-act-like robot) relation. But despite its seemingly all sci-fi and high tech, the drama is surprisingly very light and easy to follow.
  9. This drama keeps the tension and curiosity until the final episode.

To Hate:

  1. Jo Ji Ah’s imitation as AG 3 is being too obvious and it’s rather bizarre that Kim Min Kyu blindly believes her as a robot especially the drama keeps on reminding that he is a genius with IQ level of 159.
  2. Jo Ji Ah’s character is not all that lovely. Although the drama might be aiming for “that strong and able-to-stand-for-herself heroine” like current Korean drama trend, we find that Jo Ji Ah is not that love-able. If anything, she is more like a whiny and irresponsible person. Don’t get us wrong, we all about pursuing one’s dream and all. But at some point of your life, you have to consider your age and surroundings. She is not young anymore and her inventions are very unique that no body seems to be interested in and more importantly, she doesn’t come from a well-off family that can support her no matter what. In fact, she basically live off her big brother who struggles through tough office life while supporting his wife, his soon-to-be two daughters and Ji Ah. So, it’s a little too much for Ji Ah to neglect everything and choose to keep on pursuing her dream. On top of that, she rudely whines that her brother doesn’t care about her.
  3. Lack of detail about Kim Min Kyu’s allergy. Especially when it’s a rare allergy and Kim Min Kyu doesn’t have many people who would help him since he was young, it would be better if they add a little more detail about the allergy for us to have more empathy especially when after several episodes, he becomes more and more “normal”. For example, how did he get his hair cut? how did he go to school and graduated? How did he make his suit? etc.
  4. Uhm Ki Joon-Chae Soo Bin couple is rather unsettling as they have a huge age gap and they were professor-student.

Rating: 7/10

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