K-Drama Review: Because This is My First Life

because this is my first life
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Being a far-from-success assistant screenwriter, Yoon Ji Ho has to take a break from her career but her plan to spend a relaxing time with her family ruined as soon as it started after finding about her brother’s pregnant fiancee. These forcing her to find affordable place to live immediately. Meanwhile Nam Se Hee, a timid computer designer choose to buy an apartment and had to pay the mortgage with most of his salary forcing him to find a housemate. Tangled in a misunderstood situation, Ji Ho and Se Hee finally become housemates.

The real story then revolves around Ji Ho-Se Hee bitter sweet relationship as well as their friends; Woo Su Ji, a femme fatale who starts to understand what true love means after she met Ma Sang Goo (Se Hee’s boss), Yang Ho Rang’s desire to be a housewife soon despite her long time boyfriend, Sim Won Seok is still working hard to build his own start up company (which could be considered a failure).


  • Jung So Min as Yoon Ji Ho
  • Lee Min Ki as Nam Se Hee
  • Esom as Woo Su Ji
  • Park Byung Eun as Ma Sang Goo
  • Kim Ga Eun as Yang Ho Rang
  • Kim Min Seok as Sim Won Seok


Talking about relatable themed drama, this is one of the best K-dramas out there. It feels so refreshing to watch a drama of people struggling their daily life and try to find happiness in between, after watching all those rich-poor themed dramas which is very rare (if any) to find in real life. In conclusion, the drama offers coverage of working life, romance, parent-child relationship, men vs women’s views, in-laws relationship, and even those infamous sexual harassment issue. Best scenes and lines also delivered by almost all the main characters which is another strength of this drama.

Another round of applause goes for the actors/actresses’ acting skill. Their chemistry is very great, even with the fact of Jung So Min is dating Lee Joon in real life during the drama shooting period, we could feel strong chemistry between her character and Lee Min Ki’s. It was really hard to choose which couple is the best for they all have their own charm and interesting story. Lastly, the drama became such a success also thanks to all the Original Soundtracks that fit perfectly with the scenes.

Rating: 9/10 (the ending could be a lot better)