K-drama Review: Black Knight – The Man who Guards Me

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Moon Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won) is a successful businessman who devoted to his first love, Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung) despite being separated for years. Their love however will be tested through many issues from obsessive exes, parents’ secret pasts, to the unimaginable truth of their previous life. Will this supposedly over 200 years old love survive?


  • Shin Se Kyung as Jung Hae Ra
  • Kim Rae Won as Moon Soo Ho
  • Seo Ji Hye as Choi Seo Rin/ Sharon
  • Chang Mi Hee as Jang Baek Hee/ Becky


Try to imagine “Goblin (Guardian: The Great and Lonely God)” and “Cheese in the Trap” married each other and “Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me” is their offspring. Yes, here you are offered a fairy tale-like romance with an awesome man protecting his love one while somehow making her into a modern era of Cinderella. But at the same time it offers you slice of life dramas. You get to see how these people work realistically hard to get their goals and get to see a glimpse of real working life, from discussing, researching, marketing, treated as a pushover, badmouthing superior, trying to get promotion, etc. Sometimes they will win and at other times they will lose. Sounds like a complete package already? hang on.. this drama add more spices and twists in the plot by adding magic, curse, immortals and their previous life in Joseon era.

The first episodes of the drama promising a heart-fluttering fairy tale-like romance with a great ambiance supported by the grand Slovenia’s scenery. The next part is also promising you a good romance, especially if you love cheesy lines, in which Kim Rae Won successfully delivered them (in what looks like) so effortlessly that guarantee you to reminisce your love experience or at least can’t help but to smile (maybe while feigning nausea expressions if you are not alone). The later half of the series however seems to loose its ground as it dwells more in the magic area. Although it is actually understandable for drama that has a complex plot, it is still regretful as some of the initially potential characters even left behind (e.g. Hae Ra’s ex boyfriend), some issues are solved too abruptly (e.g. the Lab fire incident), and some initially potential plot twist are unused (e.g. Hae Ra’s aunt, possible love triangle with Hae Ra’s childhood friend). The writer felt a bit too ambitious and greedy to put lots of things into this 20 episodes drama, while actually the whole present days issue is already good enough material to explore. The ending is another what we would call “Goblin effect” example, which although it ends rather beautifully, it was not that satisfactory.

All praise to the stars. The always trustworthy Kim Rae Won who not only successfully showed his realistic acting, but also able to overcome the age gap with his co-star, Shin Se Kyung in term of physical (he must put extra effort to treat his skin to look that young) and chemistry. It was also pleasing to see how Shin Se Kyung’s acting getting better from her previous works and she looks more relax in this drama. Seo Ji Hye also brilliantly immerse into her character with many sides of personality.

Overall, this drama is a too good drama to missed and it has many to offer as a complete package drama, especially if you are an avid fans of Guardian: the great and lonely God (Goblin). But it may be a sad case for those who hate hanging ending. Or not.

Rate: 8.5/10