K-Drama Review: Suits (Korea)

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Suits Korean drama was a huge success both domestically and internationally. This Korean remake of the American series with the same title is a must watch for those who like law themed drama, Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun as this is also Jang Dong Gun’s first work after his long hiatus in small screen industry.


Despite having a genius mind, Go Yeon Woo (Park Hyung Sik) is a high school dropped out who tends to make poor choices to protect his old grandmother after his parents died in a hit-and-run. That is before his encounter with Attorney Choi Kang Seok (Jang Dong Gun). The #1 attorney in Korea instantly recognize Yeon Woo’s talent and decided to hire him as his associate. The duo then dynamically solve cases by cases while finding their similarities (aside from their complete opposite appearances) and proving that Yeon Woo is a competent lawyer despite not having legal license.


  • Jang Dong Gun as Choi Kang Seok, Korea’s #1 attorney who focuses on winning and infamous for being cold
  • Park Hyung Sik as Go Yeon Woo, an idealistic genius who stumbles on his life after series of bad things happened
  • Chae Jung An as Hong Da Ham, Kang Seok’s loyal secretary
  • Jin Hee Kyung as Kang Ha Yeon, the owner of Kang & Ham Law Firm who puts her trust in Kang Seok’s ability
  • Go Sung Hee as Kim Ji Na, a paralegal in Kang & Ham who has lots of secret despite her perfect appearance

Suits Korean Drama Review:

One might seen it as one of those Korean Drama that got into “legal themed fever”, but since Suits Korean drama is actually based on American series with the same title, Suits offers us different vibe. First, they use (realistically) common offices and true to its title, the lawyers are wearing fancy suits along with neat hairstyles. So the first feelings that you might get from this drama is: sleek. Everything looks smart, edgy and on a higher class.

Normally legal K-dramas offer us this kind of offices
Or.. a house for a change..
But a great attorney should have a great office view like this, right?

Second, when almost all legal K-dramas are having one big case to solve from beginning to the end (with rather too “small” cases along the way — mostly used to build/support main stories), Suits has one case per episode just like typical American dramas while still supporting the main story.

Third, related to point above, other legal K-dramas normally solve their “big” case in a sophisticated way with lots of schemes, plots, deals and of course plot twist. Whereas Suits solves its cases mostly with “simply” great thinking and public speaking/influencing skills, which would make them looks simpler and relatively not that sophisticated yet brilliant at the same time.

Fourth, this is one of very little K-dramas that focusing more on the work, characters’ development, and problem solving instead of romancing. So, although we got that deep chemistry and “ship-able” love lines, they are served as side dishes. You cannot expect lovey dovey sessions or that cliche cheesy lines and satisfying closure such as marriage here (well, not unless they are making it 6 seasons like the American version perhaps). A true K-drama lover might dislike Suits for this reason, tho.

While it offers a rather fresh type of legal K-drama, we have to admit that it lacks of details. For example,  the writer could actually tell more stories on Yeon Woo’s old friends, Ham Gi Taek (Managing Partner of Kang & Ham), Kim Ji Na’s issues, Yeon Woo’s future, as well as the love lines situations obviously. Maybe it would be better off with 18 episodes than the current 16.

But we have to praise the actings of these actors/actresses, we especially moved by Choi Kang Seok and Go Yeon Woo’s dynamics and bromance. Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik also successfully portrayed their characters and show how their characters maturing along the drama. Also Jang Dong Gun-Chae Jung An and Park Hyung Sik-Go Sung Hee chemistry that sparks here and there despite lacking of romantic scenes, yet the audiences are somehow able to get how deep their feelings are.

Rating: 8.5/10 (it could do better with the ending)

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