Lovely Horribly Korean Drama Review

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Lovely Horribly is a 2018 horror romance Korean drama. It tells the story of two person; Oh Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo) and Yoo Philip (Park Si Ho) who share the same birth date and bound to an ill fate, where one’s luck brings misfortune to the other. Without they realizing, they keep on crossing each other’s path every 8 years until their 4th meeting that they have to work together. Yoo Philip now becomes a successful and popular actor while Oh Eul Soon struggles to be a recognized script writer. Their fateful meeting becomes more interesting as together they always face bizarre incidents that somehow Eul Soon wrote on her drama script before they even happened.

Main Cast:

  • Song Ji Hyo as Oh Eul Soon
  • Park Si Ho as Yoo Philip
  • Lee Gi Kwang as Lee Sung Joong
  • Ham Eun Jung as Shin Yoon Ah
  • Choi Yeo Jin as Ki Eun Young


This drama is quite unique as it brings up horror and rom-com altogether (well, almost similar to Master’s Sun with less ghost). And we must say that the cinematography is very beautiful, which makes it brighter and more lovely compared to the other dramas under the same genre. It is surely one of 2018 Korean dramas that you have to watch as it is rather light, funny and yet full of plot twists.

Park Si Ho and Song Ji Hyo did great job as main leads as we could feel their distress, shock, love and other expressions just fine. Choi Yeo Jin portrayed her character really well and Ham Eun Jung also improved quite a lot since her last drama. Although Lee Gi Kwang actually did a rather good job as Sung Joong, he looks far too young as he should be younger than Eul Soon only by couple of years. Which makes us hard to ship him with Eul Soon despite his gentle and romantic gesture toward Eul Soon.

Actually it is really surprising to find how awesome the write did with the story lines as they manage to combine ghost and human acts into one solid story. Just when you think all things happened due to ghost’s doing, you are proven wrong as it actually human’s that somehow aligned with ghost’s intention and vice versa. But if you are more into ghost thingy, it may disappoint you as it actually show more rom-com and mystery than the ghosts.

Rating: 8/10

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