Older Generation K-Drama VS Recent Generation K-Drama

Because we only wear our suit when we work in an office, right?
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An avid fan of Korean drama must quick to point out some differences in older generation (OG) K-drama and Latest Generation K-drama. Here are some of those differences that we manage to compile that will make you realize what you’ve missed.

  1. Simple Fashion Style

Famous for its stylish characters and as well as becoming global trendsetter, Korean Dramas nowadays are upfront on the fashion and make up sense. Even the poorest characters are having either latest gadget, relatively stylish clothes (although they are not branded), and simple yet appealing make up on. No wonder, many foreign fans wish they could live in Korea.

This girl is a public worker with standard salary and cannot accept bribe
Want to wear a tee? don’t forget to wear a chic blazer over it so you won’t look like someone with huge debt..

But do you know that there was the time when even the main leads of Korean Drama wore practically our day to day outfit?

Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Hoon look gorgeous despite their simple clothes
Because we only wear our suit when we work at an office, right?
Spoiler alert: they both are rich in the drama

2. The Beauty and Her Funny Friend

Do you remember how the main lead (usually female) who is considered pretty always has a bestie whose character is quite unique and tend to brighten up the mood with jokes, clumsiness, and even her look. And on almost all Korean Drama in olden days, these “funny” friends are somehow manage to get a crush if not married to one of the male lead’s inner circle friends. Although on some recent dramas we still find those “funny” (looking) friends, but back then they are almost a must. Recent dramas however tend to choose a more cute and even equally pretty friend instead.

“Funny” friend in the olden days tends to have funny expressions


But now they are more cute and even considered pretty

3. Realistic Beauty Standard

This is actually applied to current global trend where beauty equals to thin slim. But considering how western shows are still manage to represent beauty successfully with their not too skinny actress/actors, it is quite sad to see Korean Dramas filled with extra skinny ones especially when they are regarded as one of global trendsetters. This phenomenon however only happened in recent days, since we still could see natural looking actress/actors on OG dramas.

Song Hye Kyo was famous for her beauty despite her chubby cheeks and short legs


Song Hye Kyo lost some of her weight and become a more mature beautiful actress
Korean Actors too are getting skinnier

4. Clear Line of Protagonist and Antagonist

Korean drama was relatively simple, we watch the first episode and we almost definitely will root for the protagonists (main leads) and hate the antagonists. The goods will remain good, and the bads will remain bad at least until right before the end of the series. But recent dramas are more complex, sometimes we found ourselves rooting for who’s supposed to be the bad guy or at least we could understand why they did what they did. Because current Korean dramas trend is creating background story for almost every character exists, which is actually considered as a good thing since in real life too each of us have our own story, right.

These two women just can’t watch the main leads to live a happy life


No.. Lee Sung Kyung was not the angel of the 2016 Korean Drama “Doctors”

5. The Endless Evil Works

Related to the previous one, in OG dramas, antagonists tend to keep doing their evil plans until the final moment if they could to the point where it frustrated us, viewers, sometimes. It was as if their brain are made from evil thoughts that they could think of evil-ish act right when their previous scheme failed. But in recent dramas, the supposed to be antagonists are relatively kinder. Mostly they did evil-ish schemes in a rather large scale, and the rest of the story would be how they try to hide their wrongdoings (though sometimes did another evil acts in the process) until they failed, had their world turned up side down and finally admit their mistakes.

6. Hidden Endorsements

Although it is understandable that a good drama requires huge budgets (especially those with abroad filming, special properties and effects) and they need endorsements to go on, but sometimes the endorsements’ placement in the recent dramas could be very absurd.

Subway = every K-drama meal


The most common endorsement is make up

7. The Innocent

Remember back then, when attractive young lady and young man live under the same roof and nothing happened even after they fall in love to each other? Yup, those days are long gone. Now K-dramas are getting more and more R-rated (not that we really complaining tho!) with the hot kisses and even bed scenes!

What would you and your spouse do at home if you are legally married, live under the same roof and love each other?

clean up the house, of course!


Or simply let him do the chores


Or better yet, cooking together!

But apparently those innocence only happened at the olden days, now that these happen..

Spoiler Alert: they weren’t even an official couple yet


well, no caption needed