VIU vs IFLIX vs NETFLIX: Which Streamer Giant is the Best to Binge Watch Korean Dramas

Netflix vs Viu vs iFlix
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Money aside, many are having this dilemma. Should i subscribe Viu or iFlix or NetFlix or all three of them! Here are some comparisons you should consider before deciding which streamer will be your best friend on weekends (or even weekdays, right? *wink*)

  1. Number of Korean Contents

As a K-drama/movie lovers, this is a very important aspect. Viu top this area as it was created mainly targeting K-drama, C-drama and other Asian drama lovers. You can find almost every popular K-drama/movie here. Viu even provides many Korean variety shows for a change. The runner up would be iFlix. Although started as the counterpart of Netflix (see the similar name here?), iFlix started to catch up on K-drama/movie genre. IFlix even works together with TvN to provide K-movies, so you can expect to find latest movies there. And the last spot is NetFlix, which is totally understandable since it was created first for American market then also trying to enter Asia market by adding Asian genre, including K-drama. But although it has the least number of Korean contents, NetFlix seems to embracing K-drama by creating it’s original K-drama series (co-working with Korean Broadcasting Companies) such as “My Only Love Song”, “Hwayugi”, and “Men to Men”.

2. Chromecasting

As nice as it is to watch our favorite drama from smartphone/tablet, to binge watch it for hours would literally cause us pain. And ever since the world get to know the little technology called Chromecast (and other brands of casting device), many movie lovers has been spoiled by the fact that we can watch movies from bigger screen like TV. Unfortunately, among these three streamer, Viu is the only one which NOT having Chromecast option. If you tend to binge watch 16 episodes of K-drama in couples of days, this surely is a bummer.

3. “Last Watched” Mark

Since we are talking about dramas which could consist from 16 to 50s episodes, “Last Watched” mark is substantial, especially if we have such a limited time to watch. “Last Watched” mark actually works like a bookmark, showing us the last drama/movie, at what episode down to the minute and seconds that we watch the last time. All three of them has this feature, but if we are about to compare them, We have to say that NetFlix’ has the best “last watched” mark. Not only it rarely makes mistake, it also provides confirmation that we are still watching after some time (around 3-4 K-drama episodes). While for binge watcher such confirmation could be annoying, it actually helps them in case they fell asleep in the middle of watching. If viewer failed to confirm, NetFlix will stop and mark that time as “Last Watched”. IFlix’ “Last Watch” mark is somewhat standard but reliable. Viu’s though still need some fixed, since it sometimes makes mistakes like saving minutes to early, or even claiming that a drama is not yet watched at all.

4. Auto Play

Again, compare to the other two, Viu still needs to fix their auto play feature. At one time, the auto play feature works well but the other time it doesn’t and viewer has to go back to the title only to select next episode to play. This also happened although not too often on iFlix.

5. Ease to Search

If you are a type of viewer who does not always have any clue what drama/movie to watch, all you know is that you want to watch a Korean drama/movie, then it would be a nightmare for you on NetFlix. NetFlix categorized its movies by the genre (romance, comedy, thriller, etc.). The other two will help you just fine.

So, which streamer do you like the best?


If you can’t find your favorite K-dramas, movies or variety shows on Netflix, iFlix as well as Viu, you can try your luck here: