Clean with Passion for Now Korean Drama Review

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Based on a popular webtoon with the same title, Clean with Passion for Now is a romantic comedy drama that tells the story of a CEO of modern cleaning service company, Jang Seon Kyeol (Yoon Kyun Sang) who seems to be perfect in everything – handsome, tall, rich, successful – but suffers from mysophobia (a pathological fear of contamination and germs). Due to his condition, he cannot be in any place without disinfecting the place first, touching other people including his own family, or simply go to crowded place. Seon Kyeol’s clean life suddenly clashes with Gil O Sol (Kim Yoo Jung), a third rate young woman who fails in both love and job interviews and also ignorant to personal hygiene. When the two keeps on crossing path with each other, their initial dislike slowly turns into something more. But will these two very different person able to be together though?

Main Casts:

  • Yoon Kyun Sang as Jang Seon Kyeol, a seemingly perfect heir of AG Group who becomes a mysophobic after receiving traumatic treatments from his family. He then becomes a CEO of a cleaning service company that famous for their “beautiful/handsome” workers. His hatred of germs makes him cold and distant toward people, despite his actually soft heart.
  • Kim Yoo Jung as Gil O Sol, a bright former hurdling athlete whose life turned upside down after her mother’s accidental death. To help her family financially, she tried to study hard and apply any job openings to the point of neglecting her personal hygiene but to no avail. In her desperation, she then joins Seon Kyeol’s company as a cleaning lady.
  • Song Jae Rim as Choi Ha In/ Daniel Choi, a mysterious “jobless” man who suddenly lives in O Sol’s rooftop room. He always offers solace to O Sol in time of need.

To Love:

1. This drama is very entertaining, especially its first half. We love the banter between O Sol and Seon Kyeol and Seon Kyeol’s comical expression/act.

2. Yoon Kyun Sang’s attractive appearance as a young CEO. Despite criticism from people (especially those who waited for Ahn Hyo Seop – the original male lead), we at CJ agree that it is actually more realistic to cast Yoon Kyun Sang as Jang Seon Kyeol as his age is more realistic to be a CEO, especially when in the drama, Gil O Sol is supposed to be a college graduate. Yoon Kyun Sang also captivates the audience with his clean cut appearance.

3. Kim Yoo Jung refreshing beauty. Okay, let’s be honest.. This drama is one of those dramas that offers beautiful casts and brighten up our day. And this is a good thing – unrealistic in a way – but still a good thing for us, the audience.

4. Lovely and family-like cleaning fairy team. The team’s dynamic will remind us of dramas like “Coffee Prince”, and although it is not new, it still makes us smile-cry-laugh-awing all the same.

5. Despite having cliches here and there, this drama at least offers us to see couples of rarely touched social issues: injustice redevelopment and people with (extreme) OCD. To those who are having the similar experience, this drama could be relatable and touching. And for those who are not, it’s still good to understand other people’s perspective and open our mind more.

6. Lots and lots of kissing scenes. Okay, this one can be a plus and a minus. For those who are expecting romance and shipping O Sol-Seon Kyeol, this definitely a good thing. But those who burdened by the fact that Kim Yoo Jung is a lot younger than Yoo Kyun Sang (or can’t move on from the fact that the main lead cast is no longer Ahn Hyo Seop), this can be annoying and disturbing even. But hey, the characters are supposed to be in love! Besides, this only proves that both the actors are professional.

7. Cute mother figure (Jang Seon Kyeol’s mother) that is quite rare in “dramaland”. When mostly chaebol’s mothers are supposed to be either cruel or at least well-behaved, Jang Seon Kyeol’s mother begs the differ. Not only got pregnant outside of marriage, been in many relationships, she also can be childish yet caring at the same time. What’s quite surprising is, that we can’t seem to hate her. Definitely not after her shocking approval of O Sol.

8. Although in a glance the drama seems to have the classic evil corporate owner who would do anything to crush his opponent and gain what he wants, but it turns out to be more than that. we get to see from other vantage points and feel warm while doing so.

9. It offers us one different approach: the secretary’s betrayal. While watching Korean dramas, we often awed by how close the bosses and their secretaries can be. The boss usually put blind trust to the secretary, and maybe not so little of us ever wonder “what would happen if the secretary betrays the boss?” This drama at least gives us a glimpse of our await answer.

10. Jang Seon Kyeol’s naive acts is very appropriate since it is supposed to be his first romantic experience. We love how he seems to be clueless and even recheck O Sol’s feeling before confessing.

To Hate:

1. Unfortunately the second half of the drama is not as entertaining as the first one. Perhaps due to the story development, but we can’t help but to miss the original banters, jokes, and comedic acts.

2. In later part of the drama, our heroine, Gil O Sol seems to be weak will and giving up easily.

3. This drama may looks too cliche as it offers the rich-poor relationship (thankfully they don’t actually emphasizing on the financial difference. They even don’t give O Sol the typical cinderella treatment here), heavy baggage main leads that makes them suffer from unique condition (thankfully we are blessed with another real but unique and eye-opening condition: OCD), the typical romeo-juliet relationship, etc.

4. Many things may not be added up. For example, Jang Seon Kyeol is said to hate and basically cannot go to an airport, he almost passed out when he went with O Sol. But previously and later, he can go to the States by himself. Also, it makes us wonder how he went to school or having a hair cut. Also, how could nobody like Gil O Sol when she looks prettier than average and she’s practically dreaming of romance.

5. We find it really hard to love Gil O Dol (Gil O Sol’s younger brother), well except for his good look. We get it that he is young and at the age of rebel. But he is too short tempered and basically selfish for not thinking about his already struggling family. Almost everything that he does seems childish and selfish: from dragging and embarrassed O Sol during her work, keeps on fighting the gangster despite his father’s begging and warning about his Tae Kwon Do career, easily decided to quit Tae Kwon Do out of rage, make a scene at Seon Kyeol’s workplace, even his love confession – although can be heart fluttering – but he pushes everything on his own without checking the girl’s feeling first (thankfully the girl likes him back).


  • Ahn Hyo Seop is the original male lead, but due to schedule change, he has to draw back and being replaced by Yoon Kyun Sang.
  • The schedule change is caused by Kim Yoo Jung’s suffer from hyperthyroid back in February 2018. Luckily she had a fast recovery and the shooting started in later part of 2018. The first episode of the drama aired in November 2018.
  • Kim Yoo Jung seems to have coincidences with her previous co-stars, Park Bo Gum as both “Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds” actors are having their comeback in 2018, 2 years after their previous project and after both graduating (Kim Yoo Jung from high school and Park Bo Gum from college). Not only that, in their comeback drama, both are having 12 years age gap with their new co-stars (Yoon Kyun Sang-Kim Yoo Jung in “Clean With Passion for Now”, Song Hye Kyo-Park Bo Gum in “Encounter“)
  • The drama will be adapted to Chinese drama under “Cleaning Elf” title.
  • This drama is reuniting Kim Yoo Jung and Song Jae Rim, who previously worked together in “Moon Embraces the Sun”, although in different timestamp and has no scene together as Kim Yoo Jung acted as a child actress.

Rating: 8/10

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