The Beauty Inside 2018 Korean Drama Review

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Inspired by movie with the same title, The Beauty Inside tells the story of Han Se Gye (Seo Hyun Jin), a top actress whose body miraculously changes age, gender and nationality every month for about a week. To hide this secret, she is infamous as a troublemaker actress who likes to “run away/disappear” from many events. When Seo Do Jae’s (Lee Min Ki) airline company gets affected by its model, Han Se Gye’s latest disappearance scandal, Do Jae decided to take charge of Han Se Gye himself. Along their business relationship, Seo Do Jae begins to suspect Han Se Gye’s condition while Han Se Gye suspects that Seo Do Jae suffers from prosopagnosia, a disease where he cannot differentiate people’s face. What twisted fate awaits Seo Do Jae and Han Se Gye? Could they trust each other with their secrets?

Main Casts:

  • Seo Hyun Jin as Han Se Gye, a ruthless top actress with many rumors surrounding her but actually has a very soft heart especially to those in need.
  • Lee Min Ki as Seo Do Jae, a chaebol who observes people’s details and habits to hide his prosopagnosia condition. Oddly enough, Han Se Gye is the only person he can distinguish.
  • Ahn Jae Hyun as Ryu Eun Ho, Han Se Gye’s innocent and hard working best friend whose dream is to be a priest. He is one of the only two people know about Han Se Gye’s secret.
  • Lee Da Hee as Kang Sa Ra, Seo Do Jae’s ambitious step sister who makes a strong and cold facade to protect the fact that she’s hurt by her father’s second marriage.
  • Moon Ji In as Yoo Woo Mi, Han Se Gye’s manager and best friend who always protect and help Se Gye with her secret.


To Love:

  1. Lovely characters. Han Se Gye’s chic, ruthless, funny yet caring traits; Seo Do Jae’s smart mouth yet naive and cute at the same time; Kang Sa Ra’s girl crush style; Ryu Eun Ho’s face, calmness, loyalty and stupid-like-innocence; Yoo Woo Mi’s sister-like-treatment to Se Gye and Eun Ho. We love just everybody here!
  2. Lovely love lines. Se Gye-Do Jae’s relationship feels pure as its practically their firsts romantic relationship but mature as they open up and try to accept each other. It’s a sweet romance we all wish to have. Sa Ra-Eun Ho’s relationship not only sweet, it makes our hearts flutter.
  3. Professional acting skills. Around of applause goes to Lee Min Ki, of course, as he showed the exact same lovely eyes toward every Han Se Gye (the Seo Hyun Jin’s, the old women, the teenage boy, the little kid, the old man, etc). But Lee Min Ki apart, the other actors and actresses did a very good portrayal of their characters too.
  4. Awesome cameos! Not only we got good main and supporting casts, this drama casts over the top cameos including Kang So Ra, Lee Jae Yoon, Kim Sung Ryung, Ra Mi Ran, and Kim Min Seok to make us have all the feel about this drama.
  5. Twisted plot lines. This drama has a good formula of unexpected events that keeps us thrilled to see the next episodes.
  6. Seo Do Jae’s family is definitely the anti-stereotype of chaebol family. Despite having a standard power fight and demanding parents, the family is actually warm, believe in the member’s happiness, and even supporting each other.
  7. Han Se Gye-Ryu Eun Ho-Yoo Woo Mi’s friendship is one of the things that we love in this drama. They would point out and teach each other lessons when they did wrong, they would cover each other’s weakness, and they don’t actually take sides in a fight. for example, when Se Gye and Sa Ra were not in a good term, Eun Ho didn’t take side and hang out with the two. Or when Se Gye hides from Do Jae, both Eun Ho and Woo Mi maintain their friendship with Do Jae too.
  8. Han Se Gye and her mother relationship. Although we may dislike her mother at first, we come to like her along the way as their relationship is basically every mother-daughter relationship that we can relate to. It also come out to be very heart warming.
  9. It’s a compact drama that covers social issue, family drama, self acceptance, true happiness, romance, second chances, and even miracle, all in a good amount and wrapped beautifully. It makes you laugh, jittery, flutter, and cry.

To Hate:

  1. Some of the lines are too beautiful to be spoken on a daily basis by a cold director or a ruthless actress. Some of the lines are just too poetic.
  2. There is no realistic or clear explanation about Han Se Gye’s condition.
  3. The company issue regarding Seo Do Jae’s ailment is ended too easy considering the enemy seems to be many in number and seems capable to do a gang up attack. Okay, it ended rather coolly, but still too fast and easy. We expect some hidden card, foul play, or counter attack but none of that happened.
  4. Considering that Han Se Gye is a top actress and infamous to disappear from important events, it’s a little weird that no reporter or netizen suspect anything especially she has become an actress for many years. Additionally, the recent suspicion from actress Chae Yoo Ri alone resulting many proofs about Han Se Gye.

Rating: 8.5/10

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